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Querying intraday data

Primer on querying intraday data.

This page shows how to query intraday data on the SigTech platform.
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This section will import relevant internal and external libraries, as well as setting up the platform environment. For further information on setting up the environment, see Environment setup.
import sigtech.framework as sig
import datetime as dtm
if not sig.config.is_initialised():
env = sig.init()
env[sig.config.CUSTOM_DATA_SOURCE_CONFIG] = [

Querying intraday data

All time series or static data is tied to a specific instrument or strategy object. These can be queried using the following script:
Learn more: Market Data Browser
future = sig.obj.get('NGZ20 COMDTY')
The method intraday_history_fields provides the available intraday time series:
The intraday data is available in a few different period time frames:
  • 1M
  • 5M
  • 10M
  • 1H
future.intraday_history(field='LowPrice', period=dtm.timedelta(minutes=1)).dropna().iloc[4030:4050]
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